About BaseTend | Virtual Receptionist
 In-House Receptionist at a Fraction of the Usual Cost

BaseTend Inc. offers an extensive range of customized virtual receptionist solutions at a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist. Outsourcing receptionist services to us is a profitable alternative for businesses as it increases their operational profits by diluting the hiring and training costs for receptionists. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to buy and configure advanced telephone technology. Our exceptional receptionist services are offered at the most pocket-friendly prices.

Make Your Business More Professional

You may lose your customers by diverting the calls to an automated system as it can seem unprofessional and inconsiderate. 80% of all customers do not leave messages on voice-mails, meaning they will eventually go to your competitors.

With BaseTend on call, you will never have to compromise on potential business or pass your customers to competitors. Hiring us means no voice-mails, no unanswered calls and no long waits for customers to connect to your business receptionist. Your customers get to interact and communicate with live receptionists with minimum hold time. We make your business look professional by attending every client immediately on their first call.

Have No Unanswered Phone Calls

BaseTend answers every call, every time, whether it’s during or after your business working hours. We have the required personnel, expertise and a cutting edge technology to handle over 80% of inbound calls on first call. This widens your customer base globally as they can reach out to you easily from any part of the world regardless of the time.

“Wow” Your Clients

At BaseTend, our goal is to “wow” your clients by offering them the ultimate customer experience. We do this by ensuring minimum hold time and offering one-on-one interaction with our live receptionists instead of an automated system. We introduce a spark of professionalism in your business’ appearance and make it seem much more accessible than its competitors.

We communicate with your customers pleasantly and strive to convert your business leads into sales in order to build long-term relationships with your clients.

Scalable Service

During peak business months or the introduction of new marketing campaigns, you experience a huge influx of calls and a spike in inquires. In times like these, you need a big team of receptionists to answer customer calls. This is what BaseTend will help you with. BaseTend gives you the opportunity to surge capacity through a scalable service option. We offer you an expandable team of receptionists who help you perform brilliantly even under an increased workload to ensure that every possible sale is captured.

Strengthen Your Brand Identity

By answering the maximum number of customer calls with minimum hold time, BaseTend helps strengthen your brand identity and also help you establish as a professional and highly customer-centric business