FAQ about Virtual Receptionist Services

FAQ about Virtual Receptionist Services

Are there any long-term contracts?

No. At BaseTend, we do not believe in long-term contracts. If you no longer need us, just let us know.

Are there any minimum commitments?

No. You can use BaseTend for 1 minute or 1 million minutes. If you use our services for less than 20 minutes a month, a $10.00 Line Maintenance fee will apply.

Can you answer part time?

Sure! Simply transfer your lines to us whenever you need us.

Can I use No Answer Transfer?

Yes! Simply call your phone service provider and let them know to transfer your calls to us after a certain number of rings.

What sort of tasks can you handle?

Inbound calls, scheduling, taking orders, emergency response, help desk and more.

Can I keep my phone number?

Absolutely! We provide you with your own toll free or local number to forward your calls to.

Do you answer all calls live?

Yes, our goal is to answer all calls before the 3rd ring.

How do you transfer a call to me?

That’s up to you. We can simply transfer calls, or we can introduce the clients to you.

Where can you transfer calls to me?

Anywhere, worldwide.

How do I get messages?

Again that’s up to you. We can transfer clients to your voicemail, or alternatively we can take a message and forward it to your voicemail.

What classifies as a minute?

We start and end the clock based on actual time on the phone – moreover, we employ ‘by-the-second billing’.

Can you place outbound calls on my behalf?

Absolutely! Simply use our online portal or send us an email with your detailed request. You can have us chase documents, remind clients of their appointments or even book your tea time. Regular by-the-minute billing applies.

Where do we provide our services?