Kinex Media -

(1 hr behind us )1st location: 25 Watline Suite 503 Mississauga,Ontario L4Z 2Z1

2nd Location is: Toronto Downtown (250 University Ave, Suite 200)  inside the Bank of Canada Building

Phone: 416-907-4030 Fax: 906-501-0648 Email:

Web Site:


Thank you for calling Kinex Media, My name is  ___ how may I help you?  



Must get: first name/last name, company name, phone number, what they are inquiring about.

Then tell them a business consultant will be in touch with them asap.

Never ask a client to call back, take the message and forward please. Or give them the email address

Sales Team

  • Amir ( I take majority of the calls and depending on type of the call I pass the leads on)
  • Karan

How to answer:

  • Question: Can I speak to someone in sales? Answer: Of course, I can take your information and have one of our associates call you back.
  • Question: When can I expect to receive a call back ?Answer: I would contact our sales team right away and they’d contact you as soon as possible. Usually within an hour
  • Question: Can I speak to someone right now or can you transfer me to someone right now Answer: I am sorry but I don’t have any one available right now to take the call. I will make sure someone calls you back right away.
  • Question: Where are you located Answer: We have two locations. Toronto and Mississauga. Mississauga is the head office
  • Question: What service do you offer Answer: We are a full service agency offering website design, development, e-commerce and online marketing.
  • Question:: How much do you chargeAnswer: I am in customer service and don’t have that information. Our sales team can provide you rates after understanding your requirements. I can have one of our associates call you back right away.


Kinex Media is a full service digital agency offering website design, development and online marketing, e commerce, magenta etc. Majority of the calls will be new clients calling in to inquire about our services. We need to make sure each call is answered promptly in a professional manner. We need to inform callers that someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Total Team Size:  38 members which include designers, developers, marketers and project managers


Mon-Friday 10 am -6 pm