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BaseTend offers Illinois businesses a great Illinois virtual receptionist service at the lowest cost possible, we are cheaper than an in-house receptionist.  We have a 14 day trial, so that is to make sure BaseTend is a good fit for your business. After you finish the free trial, our rate is $1.50/minute and we are a pay as you go service. You can cancel at any time with no penalty.

Why Choose BaseTend’s Illinois Virtual Receptionist Service?

With our Illinois Virtual Receptionist service, we want to add a more professional touch to your business. Your callers get a live receptionist for every call.

Most callers will hang up, and not leave a voicemail when they call. This means your competitors could take your business, simply by your callers calling them instead.

Partnering with BaseTend means you don’t have to worry about unanswered calls. This means, no voicemails, and no long hold times. Having a telephone answering service as a back up can do wonders for your business.

Virtual Receptionist Service that will “Wow” your customers.

Not only do we want to give your customers a great customer service experience, we want to “WOW” them and get them to be repeat business. We lessen wait times by answering calls quickly and efficiently.  You are already one step ahead of your competitors when you answer your calls quickly and answer every call. Our Illinois Virtual Receptionists can also be a great option for after hour calls.

Scalable Virtual Receptionist Service.

Choose our Illinois Virtual Receptionist service to service your business needs. You choose when to transfer your calls, you can transfer them all the time, or just when you need a helping hand. You also have the option to do a “no answer transfer.” This means that you can set it so that if you don’t answer it in X amount of rings, it will transfer to BaseTend so we can answer it for you.

We have a great team of Illinois Virtual Receptionists who are professional and offer great customer service.

To get your 14-day free trial on our Illinois Virtual Receptionist services, please call us at (866) 970-2263 or chat with us below!  You can also send us an email at

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