Tucson Massage Company -

Tucson Massage Company (3 hours behind us) 

426 E 9th St. Tucson, Arizona, 85705

Phone: 520-333-0166


Just east of 4th avenue, the main shopping districts that is adjacent to downtown. Landmark before the underpass to congress street. The Shanti Building, half block east of the shanti.

Metered parking is available adjacent to our building on both Hoff Ave and 9th St. The spaces in front of our building on 9th St. are “back in only”. There is abundant free parking on 10th Street/Stevens Ave. Just head south Hoff Ave. and look for the signs. Additional spots are available one block east of us on 3rd Ave. Double check the posted signs as some spots on our block do require a permit or have time limits for free parking.

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Tucson Massage Company. 

When would you like to come in? How long of a session would you like? 

If they are unsure of the service just book a premium 1 hour massage and tell them they can discuss with their therapist and upgrade if needed. 

*do not ask if they want a specific therapist

BOOKING: https://secure.acuityscheduling.com/login.php        username: receptionist@basetend.com     password: $hon@

If they mention seeing availability online this is what they see: http://tucsonmassagecompany.com/online-booking 

GET: First name, Last name, zip code, phone #. Area of concern (back ache etc)

YOU MUST GET THEIR CREDIT CARD FOR AUTHORIZATION IN ACUITY. DO NOT BOOK WITHOUT CREDIT CARD. (16 digits card number, 3 digit cvv and expiry date, and their zip code). Once you have booked the appointment you have to make payment and enter in their information. Confirm info for returning customers. You do not charge them for it, ENTER $0 into the amount and they can pay however they want when they arrive, this is just to hold their spot. CANCELLATION: must provide 24 hours notice or they will be charged the full amount. 


If they do not want to give us their credit card we cannot book them. They can go online and book it, or they can go into the office and prebook. Accept all major credit cards. 

Add any notes into Acuity. – cupping, couples, specific pain area. 

Walkins– look and see if someone is available, if they are take the customers information and then call the available therapist and see if they can do it, therapist then to call customer and confirm or reschedule. 

ONLY SEND MESSAGES TO CHARITY(owner) – unless urgent/walkins. 

Services- look in acuity. 


30 min- $40    60 mins – $65     90 mins – $90     120 mins- 115

Couples – book one slot as couples and second slot as time block. Can use Charity as 2nd person if no-one else available. 

60 mins – $130      90 mins- $180    120 mins $230

Deep tissue/lower body deep tissue/lower body deep tissue

30 mins- $45       60 mins- $75     90 mins- $99     120 mins- $135


60 mins – $65     90mins – $90   30mins – $40    120 mins – $115

Hot Stone 

60 mins – $95      90 mins – $135    120 mins – $170

Prenatal – Kim, Gina, Sanskrita

30 min- $35    60 mins – $65     90 mins – $90 

Thai Massage – Charity

60 mins – $65     90 mins- $90    120 mins – $115

Giftcards – available online 

Date Night – for a local resturant and a couples massage. Just book as couples massage and put in notes. They pay when they arrive, or they do it online. 


Charity (owner), do not book apart from couples and Thai. her email: charity.whiting@gmail.com 805-319-1550

Carter Eslinger: (612) 801-1975

Sanskirta Dellerba- out with wrist injury. prenatal : (703) 350-2736

Jesus (Hay-sus) Robles: Sciattica, chronic pain, serious injury rehab, very technical, dancer: 520) 585-1905

Kim Rogers- tricky to schedule, if she has two back to back 90 minutes, she needs a 45 minute break. WHEN in doubt send her a message and get her to contact the client. prenatal: (206) 300-8388

Gina Vanasse-Torres – prenatal: 520) 269-1628

Madison Creedon: 978) 400-8081

Robbi Steinmetz: 561) 358-1141

Micah Lee- does not do deep tissue: 520) 461-2647

Don – other owner. Doesn’t do many appointments. If someone calls for him give his email: don@tucsonmassagecompany.com


Arizona doesn’t allow for medical reimbursment. But through employee- health savings account, debit card can be used for their massages. If they want to submit for reimbursement you are able to do so. Any questions about this go to Charity. 

Hours:  9-8