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5 Tips For Handling Your Business Calls

You know that every call is important to your business, whether it creates a sale, or it’s an angry customer. It’s a way to learn from your mistakes. How you talk on the phone is extremely important and can be a big deciding factor on your returning business. We all...

Do you need a Virtual Receptionist?

Why do I need a Virtual Receptionist? Have you ever thought, wow I really need a receptionist but not someone full time for the number of calls you might have in the run of a day? Have you ever thought about hiring a virtual receptionist? There are many benefits to hiring a...

Never Miss a Call by Availing the Service of BaseTend Receptionists!

Are you unable to handle your client’s incoming calls due to your busy schedule? But you don’t want to hire a receptionist because it is very costly and time-consuming? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. In this era of cut-throat competition, you...

Leave an Everlasting Positive Impression on Your Clients by Availing Our Virtual Receptionist Services!

In today’s highly competitive world, you can’t afford to lose a single call from your client. Losing a client call is like committing a crime that can have a negative impact on your business perspective. So it is extremely important to hire a professional service if you are not...

Inbound Call Center Service – Leaves An Everlasting Impression!

Are you so busy handling your business operations that you are unable to answer your clients call? Are you missing your important phone calls? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place. BaseTend Receptionists is one of the leading inbound call answering companies that...

Top Notch Virtual Receptionist Services at Extremely Affordable Prices!

Is your business missing important  calls due to your tight schedule and/or lack of in-house receptionist? Do you think that you can be more productive during the time it takes you to answer less important phone calls? If your answer is yes then you are absolutely at right place...