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Phone Answering Service for Small Business

Have you ever thought, “I get too many phone calls and need help,”? well, you need a telephone answering service for your small business. These days, if you don’t answer your calls most callers will not leave a voicemail for you to get back to them and instead...

Voicemail vs Answering Service

When it comes to your business, which is more professional? Having someone who can answer your calls when you can’t or to let your calls go to voicemail? Voicemail or Answering Service Many businesses are starting to realize that they need a receptionist or an answering...

How to Answer the Telephone

All calls that come into BaseTend, are answered professionally. We will treat your clients just as you would personally treat them and we always sound friendly, as if we have a smile in our voice. For example, we can answer your calls like “Thank you for calling BaseTend...

Is there a pay as you go Answering Service?

With Basetend Communications you receive a pay-as-you-go answering service. You are only charged for the talk time of that call. So if a call lasts 3 minutes you are charged for the 3 minutes. There are no charges for the after call work. Why pay for a full-time in-house...

5 tips for Handling your Business Calls

You know that every call is important to your business, whether it creates a sale, or has an angry customer, it’s a way to learn from your mistakes. How you talk on the phone is extremely important and can be a big deciding factor on your returning business. We know that...