Sunshine Massage Studio -

616 W Lionshead Circle, Suit 300, Vail, Colorado, 81657 

-The main entrance to the studio is always unlocked and it’s on the other side of the building that faces the village

-We are located inside west lionshead ski village, sandwiched between two hotels: the Montaneros and Landmark- We are INSIDE the concert hall plaza building (their google maps gets them to the building will not get them directly to the door unfortunately)- We are located below all the restaurants in the building (below Moes BBQ, The Little Diner, The green elephant juicery)- We are located one floor above the staircase next to the General store in lionshead. 

Parking: There is no parking directly next to the studio, There is 15 minute drop off zone parking outside the west side of the concert hall plaza, The closest paid-park at the Lionshead parking structure/welcome center (Free parking for 1.5 hrs) Then they can walk west thru Lionshead village or take the free intown bus- the FREE intown bus drops them off outside the concert hall plaza. The bus stop is called “west Lionshead” and it is the stop after the Marriott hotel stop. 

Phone: 970-300-3427

Thank you for calling sunshine Massage Studio, How can I help?

GET: First name, last name, phone #, email address. Do they want a particular therapist?

BOOKING!       password: shineon  ONLY BOOK IN THE WHITE SPACE!

ARRIVE 5 MINUTES EARLY TO FILL OUT INTAKE FORM, therapist will meet them in the waiting room.

Leave half an hour between appointments. Try and book on half hour spots. 

Tell clients that we will meet them in the waiting room and there will be an intake form for them to fill out.
They only have 2 rooms so if you are booking a third appointment at the same time you need to make sure one of them is either a mobile massage, or a tandem couples massage in the same room.
Now that it’s the off season, we have some specials going on…  please mention only if the customer inquires.  It’s going until June 1st.
For the 60 min, we have a special of $40 off , so $90, (normally $130)
For the 90 mins we have a special of $50 off , for $130. (Normally $180)
And fee cbd oil upgrade – cbd oil is a non psycho-active hemp derived oil that has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects.

WAITLIST: if someone wants to be waitlisted just get their info and send to Samantha.

What to say when ending the phone call: Thank you so much for calling today; you are in for a real treat! Please arrive 5 minutes early to fill out an intake form before the massage. Your therapist (mention name) will meet you in the waiting area. Thanks! Shine on!


Samantha (owner): 480-388-0590

John Shier: 818-429-1921- teaches acro yoga and does massage. Available Monday-Wednesday

Brigitte brown: movie massage (every day noon-8pm) after January 15th and mobile massage. 
Allyson is available for mobile massage every Tuesday and Saturday. Her schedule shows open for Tuesday and Saturday but only for mobile- Mobile massage is only within Vail /west Vail/ east vail. SEND INFO TO THERAPIST, DO NOT BOOK MOBILE MASSAGE
Lydia left.

Services: *Special “add ons” are included at no additional cost

Sunshine’s signature massage: Not sure of what you need? After hearing your needs and session goals, Sunshine’s signature massage utilizes all the modalities she offers in one session. This experience is a fusion of yoga, massage, Thai, hot stones, deep tissue, inversion therapies- or anything your body is calling forth! Special “add ons” are included at no additional cost.

Beyond deep tissue: using slow, wide-spread pressure this deep tissue experience is calming for the nervous system yet gets into those painful areas.

Transformational thai massage/sports stretching: Clothed full body massage performed on a heated memory foam floor mat. Using deep or light pressure massage, this session involves full body stretching. You receive the benefits of going to a yoga class and getting a massage! This session opens your range of motion, increases your flexibility, energizes your body, speeds up recovery time and opens your joints. .

Couple’s massage instruction: learn fun, mutually beneficial, easy-to-remember massage poses that involve the entire body. The “giver” learns how to massage in a way that uses his/her entire body and feel more like mutual yoga than a massage.

Tandem Couples massage: Get massaged at the same time by two separate therapists 

Four handed massage (the ultimate experience): Have two therapists massage you at once. 

Purely inversion therapy: experience gentle back bends, front body openers and twists an “anti-gravity” experience where your body is suspended as the practitioner massages you with his/her hands and feet at the same time.

Mobile yoga/Massage: Get the customers information and send it to the available therapist.  Mobile massage is only within Vail /west Vail/ east vail, all therapists can do them, they take the table to the client, Samantha doesnt love doing them so book them with others first. 

Complimentary sides:

Omnigym yoga swing massage: Yoga Swing Massage: suspended upside down in a double-padded, spring-loaded plush yoga swing, this 10 minute massage naturally releases common neck/shoulder/ low back tension caused by the compressive effects of gravity. You float out of the swing feeling lighter, taller and mentally more clear.

Aerial Silk Massage: receive a satisfyingly deep pressure massage on two parts of your body at the same time while the practitioner walks on your feet, legs and back using both slow deep compressions, flowing strokes with pain-relieving oils and hot stones/hot towels compressions.

Cocoon Massage: Feeling watery and wave-like, receive an surreal back massage while floating in the air effortlessly. Be completely supported by the double-padded fabric to go inward and experience the closest thing to water massage, on land (does not involve any inversions).


  • Yoga Instruction
  • Therapeutic Aerial Yoga
  • AcroYoga Instruction
  • Couples Yoga
  • Passive Yoga Therapy
  • Mobile Private Yoga

Pricing: Same price for everything you just pay for the time. 

60 full minutes for $130

90 full minutes for $180

2 hrs for $ 260

2.5 hrs for $ 325

3 hrs for $ 390

Packages/Discounts: There is a discount of 30% for Vail locals as well as a 30 free minutes for the first visit. (coupon cards are available in the store). There is a discounted package of 5 – 90 or 60 minute massage where the client saves $100.

Cancellation: 24 hours, she does not charge for no shows.


I’m not sure what to style to book, suggestions? I recommend the sunshine signature massage. Everything is customized based off your intake form and then sunshine uses a wide variety of modalities to create a life-changing massage experience that is right for you! You must try it!

Are there different costs for different modalities? No, there is just one price for the session length. Hot rocks, inversion therapy, cupping– any additional add-on is free.

Intake forms available online? No, we have an intake form for you when you arrive to the studio.

Is there a massage table? No, the session is done on a king-size heated memory foam that allows for comfort and maximum benefits. The experience is like going to a yoga class AND getting a great deep tissue massage. You get twice the bang for your buck here. 

What should I wear? Arrive (or bring) comfortable, loose fitting clothing, similar to pajamas.

What is I don’t have the right clothing? We also provide clothing at the studio if you forget.

What is the size limit for inversion therapy? We are prepared to do an intake with any body, and if there are no contra indications, any weight/size can be inverted at the studio.

Is tipping customary? If you feel the experience met or exceeded your expectations, it is customary to leave a tip between 15-25%.

If there is no availability: Unfortunately we are booked. Is there another day that works for you? I can put you on a “waiting list”, and if we have any cancellations, we will call you. We highly recommend booking in advance, so please call us back next time you know you’ll be in Vail. The massage experience here has been rated 5 stars and we were voted “best massage in Vail in 2016” so it’s definitely worth the wait”.

What we do: Primarily 80% massage session, 20% classes/instruction. We provide unique, award-winning (voted best massage in Vail), one-of-a-kind, multi-sensory, multi-modality approach to massage. We are unique because we fuse together yoga, massage, Theragun, aerial yoga and AcroYoga. The owner, Samantha Sunshine, is a massage inventor/innovator and has trained a staff to provide an unforgettable massage experience.


Closed Tuesday Wednesday – but just say she is booked not closed. 

Open Thursday-Monday: 10-6.