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Serenity Massage, 43 High Street, Suit 110A, North Andover, Massachusetts. 01845

Phone# 978-258-2434

Bethany: 978-857-7842

Location: Are you on high street, near the Mill Buildings, we are in the east Mill building, we are in the same parking lot as the dental collaborate, below the Bikrum Yoga studio. Between Sutton and east main street, we are on high street.

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Owners: Bethany LaBelle and Seren Elizabeth

Caitlyn McCann, Melissa Belliard, Suzanne Dakin, Molly Karrigan, Kim Cowan, Ashley Crowley, Eric Silva.


Serenity Massage was opened in 2009. We strive to create a wellness center to help our clients obtain and maintain optimum health from the inside out.

At Serenity, each massage therapy treatment is tailored to your needs. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of our North Andover location and leave feeling renewed. Treatments available include Deep Tissue, Relaxation (Swedish), Prenatal, Thai Yoga, Lomi Lomi and Reflexology. Visit our services page to learn more.

All of our therapists
 are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as Professional Massage Therapists.


Monday-Thursday 9-8

Friday- 8:30-9

Saturday/Sunday- 9-4