Ray Car -

Address: RayCar International Inc.(1hr behind us ) 1025 Amber Rd. Orlando, Florida  32807                    Phone # 407-350-7452    Website: www.raycar.freeservers.com                                            email: raycarautosales@gmail.com

Address: 1025 Amber Road, Orlando FL 32807 (Next to Home Depot & PET SMART) Just 1 block East from corner of Semoran Blvd. (sr 436) and Colonial (Hwy 50)

Thank you for calling RayCar, how can I help you? 

Hours: Please make sure customers know they will not get called back outside of business hours.

Their name, best phone number to call back and MAKE AND YEAR OF CAR email address as they are quicker at emailing outside of business hours!!! WILL RETURN CALL WITHIN 24 HOURS on business days: 12:30-5:30 for sales. VERY LIMITED HOURS

If they want an appointment with the mechanic, he is away until April 2nd, take their information and send it to Angel the Mechanic.

For sales: 

Identify year and model of car they are calling on.

For service just get message. 

For Towing: They do not do towing- But Ray Car would be more than happy to help fix your car if you bring it to us during service hours. Ask if they have AAA, if not recommend asking their insurance company if they have road side assistance through them, if not here is a towing company 10mins away from Ray Car: All In One Towing Company 10151 University Blvd #144 Phone (407) 455-8144

Sales hours:

Monday, Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday: 12:30 TO 5:30

Tuesday and Sundays are CLOSED for auctions 

Service hours:

Monday-Saturday: 9:30am- 5:30pm

People: If they ask for anyone else explain there is no-one by that name but you can forward along to the owner.

Nelson (owner)

Michael – Operations Inventory Control Manager

Alexandra – Office Manager

Angel- New Master technician  Cell: 407-595-5411


Used car sales and Services.  Family Owned business for over 30 yrs. Proud of  our customer reviews and ratings.

Goal is primarily to find out purpose of call. 85% it will be for sales 15% for service or asking about license plates.