PowerVAC Info -

462 7th Avenue, Marion Iowa, 52302. 319-360-9066

They have another location in Corville. info@powervacllc.com

Thank you for calling Power vac, how can I help you? 

When people call, get their address, email, full name, and the services that they want: Air duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning? square footage of finished space.

Try and clump the appointments together if possible to there aren’t big time gaps inbetween.

one air duct cleaning a day, and then you can have multiple dryer vent cleanings a day. there are 45 minutes inbetween appointments to give them time.

Sell it a little, they are a new business, they have some of the best prices and there are no hidden fees!

Price list – they accept credit/debit/cash

Air duct cleaning – $270.00 covers up to 10 vents, additional vent $10.00 a piece. We clean returns and supply vents. IF they have 10 vents, and 3 cold air/supply vents, then they have 13 in total and the price is $300.

Includes furnace cleaning as bonus. no charge.

Dryer vent cleaning – standard residential dryer vent clean is $135.00

Additional furnace for air duct cleaning is $150

If they just want their furnace cleaned its $150 with free duct cleaning.

Services offered

Air duct cleaning

furnace cleaning (as part of the air duct cleaning)

Dryer vent cleaning

Just take a message if:

They want multiple jobs done.

Its is a commercial establishment

They want you to bid for their business.

Our equipment

vacuum for duct cleaning

We use all truck mounted equipment to cleaning air ducts, the vacuum is powered

By 65 hp wisconsin engine and pulls (suction)15,000 cfm

Truck mounted air compressor,

We use is 66 gallon triple head cast iron gasoline powered capable of consistent 181 psi and 40 cfm of consistent air pressure.

Services: Explanation and Process 

Air duct cleaning- bring into furnace room of home vacuum 8inch hoses , we hook hoses up to one trunk line at a time , start with the return line basement , hoses run all way to truck and once vacuum is running we run air line into home for air compressor and use agitation tools (whips) powered by air compressor . start at vent furthest from furnace an run whips thru whole ventilation system working towards furnace. Then we end up downstairs and clean all the return vents downstairs and last thing we do is main trunk line basement , after returns are cleaned we use same process for supply vents and hook vacuum hose up to supply air duct in basement furnace room and same process started upstairs is followed for supply ducts cleaned.

Once we’ve cleaned whole air duct system thourougly , we then clean furnace housing , blower and burners and that’s included in air duct cleaning service free of charge.

If customer asked how do we hook up hose for vacuum , we drill 8inch hole and hook hose up that way in air ducts. After were done cleaning we use 26 gauge sheet metal 10″×10″ Sheet metal and use self tapping screws and finish off with foil tape to seal off.

Air duct cleaning with type off equipment we use does not make mess in home and all dust and debris ends up in hopper in truck.

We also use a custom spring loaded designed heavy vynil door that pops up in door frame of house and has 8 inch hole bottom for vac hose so house stays warm in colder months and cool and warm months of year.

Also have mats to cover floor if needed for vac hose to sit on..

Dryer vent cleaning Process-

We use truck mounted air compressor,

We use is 66 gallon triple head cast iron gasoline powered capable of consistent 181 psi and 40 cfm of consistent air pressure.

We clean dryer vent from outside home into dryer.. We run a reverse spinning air ball thru dryer vent and its very powerful and as we run thru dryer vent we catch lint in bag outside home. Dryer its self is also cleaned

Furnace cleaning –

We clean blower , furnace housing , burners

And this is a service included in air duct cleaning only.