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Do you want an Pennsylvania Virtual Receptionist service to answer your calls when you are either out of the office or in appointments? BaseTend offers the option to have an Pennsylvania Virtual Receptionist for your small business. Our rates tend to be cheaper than an in-house receptionist. We offer a 14 day free trial, than you can decide if BaseTend was meant for your business. After the trial, our rate is $1.50/minute and you are on a pay as you go service. You use us for much or as little as you need us.

Why Choose BaseTend’s Pennsylvania Virtual Receptionist Service?

Our Pennsylvania Virtual Receptionist service gives your business a professional approach from the moment your callers say “hello.”

Most callers will hang up instead of leaving a voicemail. Having unanswered calls can be detrimental to your business.

Partnering with BaseTend means you have peace of mind knowing that your calls are being taken care of. What does this mean for your customers? It means no long hold times, no unanswered calls and no voicemails. With our answering service customers get to speak to a live receptionist on every call. We give great customer service and professionalism to your callers on the first call.

Virtual Receptionist Service that will “Wow” your customers.

We want to “WOW” your callers with the best customer service ever! We answer our calls quickly and efficiently, in the end this lessens hold times. Be one step ahead of your customers by giving them a live virtual receptionist to talk to instead of a voicemail. Our Pennsylvania Virtual Receptionist service is made to add more professionalism to your business.

Scalable Virtual Receptionist Service.

Our Pennsylvania Virtual Receptionist service can also be used according to your specific business needs. Do you have a campaign or maybe a really great sale, where you know you will get more calls? You choose when to transfer your calls, we would be happy to help!

We have a great team of Pennsylvania Virtual Receptionists who are professional, courteous and who offer great customer service

To get your 14-day free trial on our Pennsylvania Virtual Receptionist services, please call us at (866) 970-2263 or chat with us below!  You can also send us an email at

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