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( 4 hrs behind us ) 3900 Fifth Ave Suite 140 San Diego, CA, 92103


Inside the Union Bank Building right under the Hillcrest Sign and right at the corner of University and Fifth Ave in suite 140 on the first floor. Parking is available in the underground parking or on the street on Fifth Avenue.

Phone Number: 619-481-4087 Web Site:

email address:

Two level authorization to get in!

AccountName: PalmerSkin

Booking Site:

Tim is on vacation from April 11th – May 3rd. He did email all his clients.

MUST TAKE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION FOR NEW CLIENTS! Once scheduled appointment click on client and fill out billing information. Especially on facials/peels and for groupons too.

THE FEMALES DONT DO MALE INTIMATE WAXING – or male clippings. But they will do back and shoulders etc.

They can email or send a text message to the business line, it will go straight to their business line. 619-481-4087 text that number.

Tim doesnt do Groupons, must be scheduled with the two girls.

1 room for hydrofacials so you cannot double book that room, the screen will turn red.

Click cell phone box for new customers so they receive texts on the booking system.

 TELL EVERY CALL: Cancellation/rescheduling policy- minimum 12 hours for regular appointments, 24 hrs notice if using a groupon coupon. Customer will be charged $25 if not followed for all bookings. Confirm location.

Caller 619-319-5511 or 702-533-6690 HE IS NOT TO BE GIVEN AN APPT! IF SEXUAL COMMENTS HANG UP!

“Thank you for calling Palmer Skin Care, my name is ___________ How can I help you today?”

Get: First/Last name, cell phone number/ cell provider/email address/ and what they would like to have done. Tim will not return calls, if needed get customer to email Tim at

If customer is inquiring on a gift certificate  this is what to tell them Online the website  under Appt .. they go to book an Appt online link and there is a buy button where they can get the certificates


facials, medical spa treatments and waxes, Female and male Brazilians, Chest and stomachs for men, brow maintenance, ears, full arms, legs, nose. eyelashes, facials and medical spa treatment (lazers and such).

Most waxings go to Tim  , Vanessa and Danielle do waxings also check the dropdowns to make sure

BACK CLIPPINGS: Tim only does this. Manscaping, get everything trimmed with clippers schedule with full body clipping.

PCA or a VI peels if its just on their face no notes, if its for anywhere else on their body you have to put notes in there so Tim knows. They usually just ask for a PCA/TCA  peels

If someone asks for Botox they have to go through SD botox: 858-206-8041


Tim is the owner- all services.

Danielle Dare – does facials, medical spa treatments and waxes, Female brazilians only. she wont do male brazilians, Chest and stomachs for men, brow maintenance, ears, full arms, legs, nose.

Vanessa: waxing but no Brazilians male or female , facials

Daniel:some men’s waxing but not Brazilian , facials

Rachel Eap: Facials and eyelashes

Frequently asked questions.

Whats your down time? Peels can start 3-7 days after the procedure depending on the person

Fire and ice peel- 3-7 days depending on the person.

Gym? Not recommended, wait 24 hours.

Sun? Wear a hat and wear 40 sunscreen.

They can email Tim any time.

Tim accepts all major credit cards

 Groupons: Yes but you have to book those online, if they cant do it for them and note the groupon. * not valid for customers who have visited in the past 6 months. Not with Tim.

Medical-Grade PCA Chemical Peel with Retinol Treatment for Face and Neck $175 for $85

Medical-Grade PCA Chemical Peel with Retinol Treatment for Top of Hands $125 for $65

Medical-Grade PCA Chemical Peel with Retinol Treatment for Face, Neck, and Decolletage $250 for $125