Origin Investigations -

Time zone: PST (4 hours behind ADT)

Location: Corner of Wilshire and Grand between Grant and Hope, between Wilshire and 7th street, in downtown LA, building all glass black, building, geometic shape, there’s a carl straus brewery and chipotle on the ground floor. Sometimes its hard to get to us because Wilshire hits a dead end at Grand, we are the absolute eastern end of Wilshire. If you are coming from the east side, Wilshire doesn’t exist past grand so there is noway to get there. 6th street is one way, that goes east only, 7th is both direction.

Parking: on Wilshire between Hope and Grand,

Mailing Address: 600 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 500, Los Angeles, Cali, 90017    Phone:  213-314-5229     fax: 2132779077

Owner: Jayden


Three locations: DC and NY, physical locations. most calls should only be for LA though.

Origin, How Can I help?

MESSAGES/TRANSFERS ONLY – ALWAYS A WARM TRANSFER – hit x-fer, then type in number to transfer to, then “park and dial”, it will put the caller on hold and ring the number you typed in, once the person answers and wants to take the call you click “grab parked call” under actions on the left hand side, then click leave 3 way without making a sound because they can both hear you. 

If general questions, try Jayden first and then Kalani Dungca. Unless someone asks for Kalani just transfer it to Jayden.

Jayden Transfer: 1st Office: 2133140552   2nd    Mobile: 2134473395

if he doesnt answer try Kelani Dungca, 1 st Office: 2133140567    2nd   Mobile: 3107487800

Get: First name, Last name, Company name, Phone number Email address and what the call is regarding when sending messages.




Main location is at the top of this form: Use LA for mailing.

215 Park Avenue South 11th Floor
New York, NY 10003
(212) 860-0098

One Thomas Circle Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 558-4090