Nodak Insurance -

5192 51st Avenue South, Suite 110, Fargo, North dakota 58104  #701-298-4244

Ross’ personal number: Dont give to clients: 218-779-8290

Location: Try to approach from the north and the west, north side of 52nd ave. 52nd is a main road. There is a sign, the building is owned by Fusion Electric Buildings.

Parking: Park anywhere, there is always spots, free parking.

Answer: Nodak Insurance, (your name) speaking.

Get: First name, last name, Phone number. what the call was regarding

What they do: Full, everything line of business insurance wise, home, auto, water, 4 wheelers, vehicles, farm and ranch, life insurance, options for everything etc. North Dakota specific, big hurricanes don’t affect their rates. They’re a local company. They can only sell in North Dakota. Local business.


Current clients calling trying to talk about a claim, looking at a new vehicle trying to figure out the cost difference. They’re moving, just getting information. If it’s someone looking to do business then we are trying to set up an appointment. He is going to be setting up acuity.


Monday- Thursday: 9-5

Friday: 9-1.

Weekends: Closed