NB Career Coach Info -

What is the Families and Communities as Career Coaches project? We are trying to engage families and communities in becoming more aware,  informed and active in helping youth in career planning. On the site users can test their knowledge in the Coach’s  Quiz, it quickly identifies resources in their community. Or access tools for the 3 themes of career planning. Within each theme users select tools based on how they prefer to learn new information. The different options are videos, reading, or interactive websites.. We are have researched and found that parents or care givers have the most influence with youth when coming to career planning. We try to debunk the myths and get information into those who have the most influence over youth. Websites addresses  are www.nbcareercoaches.ca (English) http://coachesdecarriernb.ca/  (French) On the website once your in there is 3 main parts. Coach’s quiz- a short quiz (10 questions) to test your own knowledge Resources- Where you can find suggestions on who to talk to and watch short videos on what to talk about with youth. Tools-There are three steps to career coaching. For each step there is a set of tools. The tools are grouped by those of you “watch”, “read”, and “try” This site is intended to help start the conversation between families, communities  and youth. If you look under the “Resources” there are three suggestions for who you can meet with If you and the youth would like to meet with an Employment Counsellor,  you can do so at no cost, at  the Regional Employment & Continuous Learning Services office.  Regional Offices : BATHURST 275 Main Street, Suite 300  Bathurst NB  E3A 1A9 Phone (506) 549-5766 Fax (506) 549-6696 CAMPBELLTON 157 Water Street, Main Floor, Suite 100, Campbellton NB  E3N 3L4 Phone (506)789-2411  Fax  (506) 759-6696  CARAQUET 20E St-Pierre Ouest Blvd., P.O. Box 5644 Place Bellevue  Caraquet  NB  E1W 1B7 Phone (506) 726-2639  Fax  (506) 726-2728 EDMUNDSTON 121 de l’Eglise Street  Carrefour Assomption   Suite 308, P.O.Box 5001 Edmundston NB E3V 3L3 Phone (506) 735-2677 Fax (506) 735-2527 FREDERICTON 300 St. Mary’s Street, P.O. Box 6000 Fredericton NB E3B 5H1 Phone (506) 453-2377 Fax (506) 444-5189 GRAND FALLS 160 Reservoir Street, Suite 101 Grand Falls, NB E3Z 1G1 Phone (506) 473-7572  Fax  (506) 473-7574 MIRAMICHI 152 Pleasant Street Miramichi, NB E1V 1Y1 Phone (506) 627-4000  Fax  (506) 624-5482 MONCTON 200 Champlain Street, Suite 320   P.O. Box 5001  Dieppe  NB E31 1P1 Phone (506) 869-6944  Fax (506) 869-6608 NEGUAC 430 Principale Street  Neguac NB E9G 1M9 Phone (506) 776-3996  Fax (506) 776+3807 PERTH-ANDOVER 19,Rue Station Street  Perth-Andover NB E7H 4Y2 Phone (506) 273-4559   Fax (506) 273-2195 RICHIBUCTO 25 Cartier Blvd., P.O. Box  5004  Richibucto NB E4W 5R6 Phone (506) 523-7602   Fax  (506)5234633 SACKVILLE 17 Main Street  Unit C-1 Sackville NB  E4L 4B4 Phone  (506)  869-6944  Fax (506) 523-4633 SAINT JOHN 1 Agar Place, P.O. Box 5001 Saint John NB E2L 4Y9 Phone (506) 643-7258   Fax (506) 643-7443 SHEDIAC 342 Main Street CentreVille Mall, Unit 144 Shediac NB E4P 2E7 Phone (506) 533-3325  Fax  (506) 533-3340 SHIPPAGAN 182 J.D. Gauthier Blvd. Shippagan NB  E8S 1P2 Phone (506) 726-2639  Fax (506)336-3036 ST.STEPHEN 73 Milltown Blvd. Ganong Place, 2nd Floor, Suite 202 St. Stephen NB E3L 1G5 Phone (506) 466-7627  Fax (506) 466-7462 SUSSEX 707 Main Street Sussex NB  E4E 7H7 Phone (506) 432-2110  Fax  (506) 432-6169 TRACADIE-SHEILA 3514 Principale Street 2nd Floor Tacadie-Sheila NB E1X 1C9 Phone (506) 726-2639  Fax  (506) 394-3813 WOODSTOCK 111 Chapel Street,  Unit 201 Woodstock NB E7M 1G6 Phone (506) 325-4406   Fax  (506) 325-4491