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 The Mortgage Center Address  494 Queen St Suite 400, Fredericton NB, E3B1B6 Fax   866-505-9169 Phone  506-471-4210    Toll Free  866-957-2263 Fax   866-505-9169 Adam: 5064711289

Adam’s E-mail:

Thank you for calling the Mortgage center. My name is ___ How can I help you?

Say that adam is busy with a client and he will get back to them. Then take their name and phone and what its regarding and send through the pop up. Do not transfer as the calls only come through to us after he doesnt answer.  

*******If a person picks up the phone – the system will simply hang up on them…..Here’s your script if/when they call in saying “I see your number on my phone” or “I answered and you hung up”******** “Yes that was Adam just giving you a call – most likely to do your annual review, ” Get the callers name and phone, mark the webform and transfer