MortgageCentreInfo -

 The Mortgage Center Address  494 Queen St Suite 400, Fredericton NB, E3B1B6 Fax   866-505-9169 Phone  506-471-4210    Toll Free  866-957-2263 Fax   866-505-9169

Adam’s E-mail:

Thank you for calling the Mortgage center. My name is ___ How can I help you?

Get their contact information and what they are looking for and send it through the pop up. then transfer the call to Adam: 5064711289

*******If a person picks up the phone – the system will simply hang up on them…..Here’s your script if/when they call in saying “I see your number on my phone” or “I answered and you hung up”******** “Yes that was Adam just giving you a call – most likely to do your annual review, ” Get the callers name and phone, mark the webform and transfer