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Address: 5451 HWY 7 Suite 108 Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 0B2 between Martin Grove and Kipling. Right beside M&R Cleaners. Landmarks in our plaza are Tim Hortons and Wendy’s and Ice Cream Patio. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Inquiries for the Crystal beds are to be send in a message to the the laser clinic with times , full name and good phone number included in the comment screen

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How often are laser hair removal treatments?
A: 6-8 weeks apart. We also offer complimentary touch-up appointments between weeks 3-4 after a full treatment. A touch-up is offered if the client has any noticeable stripes that were missed with the laser, not for any re-growth.

2. How often is electrolysis performed?
A: It varies from person to person. It depends on the level of clearance that they are looking for and their tolerance. Each person is different depending on their needs. Our goal is to ultimately clear the whole area in one session and then wait for regrowth. If we have not cleared all the hairs in the area then the client is welcome to come back in sooner so we can finish clearing.

3. Are you able to treat skin of colour?
A: Yes. We have multiple lasers which are safe for treating all colours and tones of skin. Specifically, when dealing with dark skin, the only laser that will be used for hair removal is the 1064 Nd:yag. At the complimentary consultation, one of our medical aestheticians will assess the area and will determine the clients Fitzpatrick skin type.

4. Do you offer consultations?
A: Yes, we encourage all new clients to come in for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation before receiving any type of treatment. (Please note that when booking consultations for electrolysis and Male Brazilian areas to only book them with Jessica as she is the only Medical Aesthetician who performs these services)

5. Do you have a flat rate for full body laser hair removal as a package?
A: We do not have a set price for full body. Each area is priced individually. When treating multiple areas together, we offer built in discounts to the service. Example: underarms are usually priced at $89.00 per session but when accompanied by full leg laser hair removal, underarms will be reduced to $50.00 per session.

6. Do you offer Botox/injections?
A: Yes, we have Dr. Zidel come in around once a month. He lets us know the evening he is able to come into the clinic about a week prior to the date and we will book clients accordingly. He also offers complimentary consultations. (Please take down their name and number and we will contact them when we have a set date)

7. Do you offer permanent make-up?
A: Yes, the technician (Pierre) comes into the clinic on appointment. Can I take your name, number, dates and times that work for you as well as the service that you are inquiring about and I will contact Pierre with his availability. (We will handle it from this point)