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318 Dundonald Street, Suite 1, Fredericton, NB. 5064769699

Thank You for Choosing Irvine iPhone Repair, how can I help you today

Get: First name, last name, email address.

What do they need fixed? Specifically: 1. What model phone? 2. What is the issue/ what needs to be fixed? 3. What colour screen if its a screen repair?

He will go and pick up/drop off the device if needed, in which case he needs an address. He will do so in Fredericton and Woodstock. Fredericton during the weekend and Woodstock on weekends.

He works at IBM during the week so is not able to take calls, but he does reply to emails.

We are currently just taking messages, but we will be scheduling for him later.


Monday-Sunday: 8am-10pm