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718 Lebo Blvd, Suite B, Bremerton, Washington, 98310    PST time zone – 4 hour behind ADT

Phone #: 360-813-1050   Michaels cell #: 360-545-3119    Fax#: 360-813-1050


” Intech how may I help you ?”

GET: First name, last name, Phone number, email address, regarding.

Ask basically what kind of computer problem first before gathering contact information. Sometimes calls are for tech support or to just probe for information which will waste time.

Computer repair, Cellular screen repair most cellular devices, Tablet screens & battery replacements. Custom built desktops & diagnostics of systems, Virus removal, Networking & about everything you can think of that can go wrong with a computer!


Monday, Saturday, Sunday Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 9am-5pm

Friday: 10am- 7pm