Luxe Salon and Spa -

Luxe Salon  3524 Fruitville Rd Sarasota, Florida (EST – 1 hour behind ADT)


Cross Streets for the mall are S Beneva Rd and Fruitville Rd (Walgreens in the same mall) We are in the Fruitville Forum Mall right next store to the flower shop

Phone: 941-312-4463

Web Site:  


Booking Site: 

UserID:          Password: basetend221

“Thank you for calling , Luxe Salon , My name is  _______ How may I help you today?”

Ask if they have a GC, if they do then you cannot book with Maggie Mogler or Ashley Doty.


DO NOT BOOK for a Suzanne Jones. Get her off the line asap, say you have other calls.

We can book for: Lisa, Cindy Derby, Lori Wagner (only if they specifically ask for her), Cheryl Laroca,

We CANNOT book people that are not in the list above: Jenny Magarvie, Rod Martin 9416858837, Shar DeJoy 941 266 4789. Dale Bombardier 941-376-2164 CORY WOOMERT 941 780 3124 Jenny Mcarvey 941 376 6481 If customers want them give the number. Log as call for information.

Do not state prices as final, they are starting only- consult with their stylist for a price.

Check catagories for services.

Anytime a client asks for a specific stylist and can’t get an appointment send the info to the stylist.


WHICH Cyndi? There are two. Cyndi Derby is the blonde one

Cheryl Laroca: Does hair exentions and colour, is very experienced.


Colour: If big change book a consultation first to determine service and price.

Hair salon and face waxing only No injections.

Bridal do’s – send lisa a message with number of people and titles, so she can coordinate, cell phone number and email. EMAIL is important. Lisa will go to the location. Get customers name/number/email/location and time of event and send it to Lisa

Straightening: It is under keratin smoothing. We don’t do relaxers

Keratin smoothing/keratin straightening or Brazilian keratin: $120- $300 depending upon product and hair thickness and length- short and long on the menu. – for this get email and phone number of client so stylist can contact.

Sending message to stylists: please use this format:

Message regarding: Leslie Jane Smith 555 555 5555 ,would like to have a mani/ped on July 31st at 5:00 pm nothing showing availability.

We have a boutique area filled with many unique items including jewelry, hair accessories, fancy cell phone cases, scarves, and a line of organic soaps, lotions and potions from


Mondays avail for some check the calendar

Tues. – Fri.: 9 a.m. – 8p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. –4 p.m.

Closed Sunday