DriveStarInfo -

1076 North Cherry Lane, Clovis, California. 93611

Owner and operator is Steven.

(559) 229-4828

Thank You for Calling Drive Star Driving School, how can I help you today?

Drivers education – 15.5 they can get their permit, do the 6 hours of driving with him.  He does 2 hour driving lessons. First appointment at 8, last appointment at 7. Book about 2 weeks in advance

He is traveling right now so not available, start booking for after March 21st when he is back.

Geneally book students from 3-5, 5-7 and 7-9. If they are home schooled or adults he can do it during the day too.

If we have questions his wife’s number is: 559-916-3282. She knows about the business, she is a teacher so you might have to leave her a vm.

You have to get their address on where they want picking up, Either work, home or school, and pick out a meeting spot. Tell them to meet him at the flag at their school. Sometimes parents will say something about lessons or band, so if they need picking up there just let him know. He will drop them off where ever they want, but usually at home.
2017 Toyota Camry. – clearly marked, drive stay driving school.
He wears a shirt that says drive star.
Hes been doing it since 1992, and it will be him Steve that does the driving lesson with the student.
They have dual control systems, he has everything on his side as well.

You get three lessons, each one is 2 hours long, he has them hold their permit in their hand, they have to have their learning permit to go with steve. If they dont have a learning permit they can go to the and get it.

Fresno, Clovis, $295, if theyre in the outside area theres a 20$ gas charge.
If someone asks for a discount we can take 30$ off for you.
They usually pay all at once, but if its an issue they can divide it into three times. Payment is through cash or cheque. they dont have to pay until he comes and picks you up for the first lesson.


8am-9pm Monday- Friday