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Bella Hair Designs:( Central Time – 2 hours behind ADT )  6626 W Loop 1604 N, Suite 105, Studio 21, San Antonio, TX 78254    210-390-1008

We are located in the Rogers Premier Salon Suites next to the HuHot at the corner of Culebra and  LOOP door from Stone Werks restaurant.

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Password: basetend221

Thank you for Calling Bella Hair Designs how can I help you today?”

GET: We require first name/ last name/ phone number/service provider/ email address on every call.

ON EVERY CALL: Cancellation/rescheduling  policy of  minimum 24 hours is required. No Show/No calls will be charged a $25.00 fee before booking another appointment


We do not cut kids hair because the Japenese hand-crafted shears we use are razor sharp requiring a steady head.

They do not do Ethnic hair as are not trained for it , and also do not do braids or dreadlocks, or weaves 

Isabel will not accept any new men’s hair cuts, she will only accept new clients with referrals from an existing customer.


Hair coloring for pregnant or clients under 18 yrs of age – it’s ammonia free.

Colour: Note in booking if any allergies to box or professional dye in the past. And all medications.

The New Guest Experience Package this is a haircut consultation
The Consultation is required for all first time guests

Bella uses Bella Professional Products also: Aloxxi Color, Goldwell Color, GK Hair Ammonia Free Color, GK Hair-Keratin Treatment and Surface Hair Products(sulfate, gluten and paraben free product line)


Ana Isabele Gage. She goes by Isabel.


Check calendar as they change. 


Satisfaction Guarantee Guidelines*

1. You must give us an opportunity to correct any issues that need correcting. Therefore an immediate evaluation of your concerns is required.

2. In order to make a request for an evaluation under our satisfaction guarantee, you must make contact with us within 72 hours of the services that were provided.

3. An appointment will be set for the evaluation of your concerns at a mutually agreeable time. If a correction is warranted, we will make the correction during your appointment provided there is ample time to do so.

4. If you do not return to us within the allotted time frame established (mutual agreement between you and Bella Hair Designs), then you are voluntarily waiving your right for any resolution for your services.
If a customer happens to remark on the pricing , let them know that the new client services include
New Guest Experience Package: This experience includes a haircut consultation, an individually and uniquely designed haircut using advanced hair cutting methods and techniques, a reconstructive treatment (or color consultation), style, and finally a style mini-class as part of the package.

The Cut Consultation (required for first time guests)The consultation also allows us to demonstrate the difference in our advanced skills versus what you have experienced with other stylists. This is a great time to start getting comfortable with your stylist by asking questions prior to the actual haircut. Also, if you simply wish to have a consultation, you are more than welcome to call and schedule one right away.

The Haircut Your reconstructive treatment will take 20-30 minutes depending on the health (or lack thereof) of your hair. A combination of products is used (the amounts of each depend on your individual needs) to include proteins, essential oils, and amino acids. Once the Master Artisan determines the status and background of the your hair during the consultation, she will then combine the needed ingredients into a custom formulation unique to you.

The ingredients are all natural, non-animal tested, and vegan. These natural products contain strong antioxidants and are negatively charged. This negative charge is important because, combined with the right heat temperatures, it opens the cuticle of the hair allowing the nutrients to be deposited directly into the hair, follicle and scalp.

Color Consultation Option*The consultation is important for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is the patch test. This test makes sure that you do not have any allergic reaction to the color. Your health and safety is important to us, and if you never have had a patch test, then it may be possible that your previous stylist either didn’t have the education, knowledge or foresight to prepare one for you.

In certain situations, your Master Artisan may choose to take strands of your hair and color them to make sure that the color matches your selection. This is the ultimate in customer service. By taking strands and precoloring them, it helps to avoid mistakes because of unknown conditions in your hair including medications, lack of protein in the diet, or previous abuses by bleaches, colors, and ammonia. Have you noticed that your previous blond coloring may have a green tint to it, or your hopeful red selection actually looked orange or worse, pink? One question: did the stylist who left you green, orange, or pink take strands as part of your consultation? The real question should be, “Why Not?” Come in for a color consultation and we will do it right!

The Style
Finally, in the end it all comes together with the style. We will not just fix up your hair and usher you out the door. Taking into consideration the tools that you already have at home, we will actually show you how to quickly style your new “do”. When you are getting ready in the mornings, you may even find that very little may need to be done with your hair because it will fall into place simply from the amazing cut. Our goal is to make your life easier, not harder.

The Style Instruction (Mini-Class)
In the end, we may give you different options on how you can style your hair for a fresh and fabulous look, every time. More importantly, we will teach you HOW to style your new hairdo so not only will you look fabulous at the time of your appointment, but you will look fabulous everyday thereafter.