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Thank you for calling Beauty Techniques, my name is ______ How can I help you today ?

$50 deposit required for all appointments.
Remind them of cancellation policy – 48 hours.
The entire script for EYEBROWS doesn’t have to be said, except highlighted part.

Permanent Eyebrows – It’s a 2 hours process.  The cost is $595 or $695.  Linda will do consultation with you, where she draws the brows, you look at them and together decide if you like or not….that takes about an hour.  It takes another hour to do the procedure.  She is quite a perfectionist so that’s why it takes the 2 hours.  Permanent Makeup last 6 months to 5 years, we give this time span because everyone’s skin is different and we cannot say truly how long it will last.
Our Eyebrows are $595 and $695 and you can choose any technique.  If you have 75% of your own natural eyebrow hair and has normal to dry skin the cost is $595.  If you do not have natural eyebrow hair and/or have oily or mature skin, your procedure will take longer and therefore you will need to choose the Combo Technique which is Hairstroke & Shading Techniques which is $695 and requires more time.
Our different techniques consist of Powder Fill, Dark & Defined, our most popular 3D Hairstrokes, Microblading and/or Combination Eyebrow.  But no need to choose now unless your are choosing Hairstrokes or Microblading, Linda will discuss the option(s) that best fit you.  Once you schedule your appointment, you will fill out your paperwork then it takes Linda 2 hours to complete the process – from Consultation, to drawing and shaping your eyebrows to your preference to actually doing the actual procedure.
You are welcome to a complimentary Consultation, however if you decide to do have them after your consultation, you will need to schedule another appointment as Linda’s schedule is extremely busy.   So if you are 75% sure you want to get them done and you love the pictures on our website, then you should schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions, please feel to email or call us.  You are welcome to schedule your appointment online or over the phone, however we require a $50 deposit to secure your appointment (for actual appointments or consultations).  Consultations are Complimentary, however we do hold your credit card number just incase you are a no show, at which time you will be charge $50.

What’s the difference:
Hairstrokes – Some people call them 3D, Hairstrokes, Microblading, Emboidry  – they all mean the same.  They are lines tattooed to make them look like hair giving a more natural look.
Powder Fill is more like a pencil, a soft natural look.
Dark and Defined – is more of a tattoo look, darker.
Combination – sometimes, Linda will do a combination where she adds hairstrokes and a fill depending on what looks best.
You don’t have to make any decisions on the type of brow you’re getting until you talk to Linda, however all eyebrows are priced the same, $595
Permanent Eyeliner – Upper or Lower takes about an hour.  Upper and Lower takes 2 hours. The cost is $395 for upper or lower.  $595 for both upper and lower.  Linda will do consultation with you, and you can discuss how thick or thin you prefer to have.  If you decide you want them extra thick or with wings, the cost is $45 extra for each.
You can also get Mucosal Color if you like, however that is another procedure and cost $395 for upper or lower.  If you add it to the eyeliner, its $100 extra when you do at the same time.
Permanent Lips – Takes about an hour to 2 hours to do, depending if you want to do lip liner, color blend or full lip color.  Full Color is our most popular and some like color blend, lip liner is our least popular, however people do still request it.
Ask for their skin tone
For African American – ask them to send a picture without flash.
Eyelash Perm – It takes about an hour and 15 min.  Please do not wear mascara when you come in and you cant wet them for 2 days so you can keep the curl.
Eyelash Extensions – It takes 2 hours to do sometimes less, depending on how many lashes you have.  You are not able to wet them for 2 days.  No direct water pressure.  No steam or sauna.  You cant sleep on them.  The longer you take care of them, then longer they last.  Normally you need to come in for refills in 2 weeks.
Eyebrow Extensions – They last up to 3 weeks.  If you have oily skin, they will not last that long.  You will not be able to apply make up on them, get them wet, sleep on them or pick at them.  Obviously your best investment is Permanent Makeup but you may not be ready for that.  Please send us a picture via text message (832.654.4595) so we can see how long it will take Linda to do.