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BaseTend Communications 494 Queen Street Fredericton NB E3B 1B6 Phone Number: 8669702263 WebSite: Thank you for Calling BaseTend Receptionists

Thank you for calling basetend receptionists how can I help… (9/10 you called me)
Yes, thank you so much for returning our call! One of my colleagues was wanting to a have a quick chat with you about your small business, do you mind holding while I transfer you to her? (Ok) Great, can i just grab your name before i transfer you, and is this number good to contact you on if Shona is busy and needs to call you back?

If they ask who we are.

Basetend receptionists, we specialize in helping small businesses grow by managing your phone calls and customers for you. I am actually a receptionist myself but I can transfer you to our sales department and my colleague Shona can tell you all about us.

Shona’s 8669786419  mark  transferred to Shona on the webform or requesting more information with an email address added. 

If you know I am not signed in to Fenero please transfer to my cell 5062612461

Or go to  and click on the contact us link or even the sign up .