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Aqua Sanitas Center for Integrative Psychiatric Medicine

2480 Fruitville Rd Suite 11

Sarasota FL 34236




Cross streets are Fruitville Rd and  S Jefferson Ave ,  Bus # 6 stops outside of the building ,

Booking site:

User name :  Basetend

Password: Basetend221!

Thank you for calling Aqua Sanitas Center , my name is  _____How can I help you?

Dr. Vallrugo is a board Certified Psychiatrist, with over 20 yrs experience,

Needed information needed if first/last name, home phone #, cell phone #, credit card #, full name on the card, and the billing address for the credit card.  Cards accepted are Visa/Mastercard and American Express only. Checks are accepted but must me sent in 5 days before the appointment so they will clear the bank or appointments will be rescheduled.

They need to have a credit card on file, the card is charged the morning of the appt.

How they were referred is to be noted on the file  ie: dr referral, friend, website etc.

Cancellation and reschedules require 48 hrs notice  of any changes .Failure to do so will have the cards charged $200 for new patients and $100.00 if  it for a follow up session.

No appointments before 9 am and last appt to be booked no later then 3 pm

Office hours are 9-4 pm Monday thru Friday. Appointments are to be booked back to back not jumped all over the place for ex 9 am then next appt would be 10:30 etc, do not book one at 9 then one at 3 pm

Dr. Vallrugo does not accept insurance at this time, pricing for  Initial evaluation is $400.00 and follow up appointments  ,medication management brief psychotherapy are $200.00

After you have booked the appointment and gave location information to the patient, let them know that a blank form will be either emailed to them or direct mailed, ask which one they prefer. If it’s mailed make sure the correct mailing information is on the form.

*** Please refer to website if have not seen.  Rate is the $400 and $200 for follow up.  Next week I am open except for Friday and then following week probably not available until after Easter since surgery.  Available starting April 18 again.  If they are calling forarequesting a controlled substance, he will need to bring his past medical records and/or any testing that has been done with an ADHD diagnosis. Otherwise, I will need to refer him to have testing done here to confirm diagnosis.   Also I require follow up for prescriptions every two months for stimulants.******