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Alternative Touch Therapeutic

4910 51 St
AB (3 hrs behind us),
T4X 1E4

Phone Number: 7809298532


Booking Site:


Password: vanilla1998

Map Location:,-113.4169406,3a,75y,332.14h,72.99t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCa1v5a
“Thank you for calling Alternative Touch Therapeutics, My name is _______ , lets start with your first name… (they respond) how can I help you____
(kind of wordy but it weeds out people who waste our time)
4910 – 51 St between the Beaumont bottle Depot and the Beaumont Savings and Credit Union across the street , grey house

Full name, good contact phone number preferable a cell #, if they have insurance or not.

When booking we ask if there is a particular day/time/therapist they prefer, if not then we book them the soonest available, with Denise being first choice.
When booking, confirm address, phone# etc (as there a lot of people with the same names update our info) DONT FORGET TO SEND THEM A CONFIRMATION EMAIL!

– Aesthetic/spa services are only available with Denise and until 4 pm. If they require after that time send me an email as sometimes I make exceptions and will come in after my set hours.
– Also if someone requests a time and we are not in (example Tuesday/wed/thurs 9 am) we can come in if requested, again just leave us a msg and we will respond back.
-Inquiries for donations, email denise but my general rule is unless they are a regular client of mine I do not donate. There are simply too many to donate to and this is how I manage that. In other words, ask them if they are a REGULAR client and then leave me a msg as I wont donate unless they are.

***************-DELETE telemarketers please*****************************

If someone calls for a gift certificate, get the following info:
person receiving card
who they want the card listed from
dollar amount or service they want
credit card info incl 3 digit number on back
email that info to me and I can have the card ready for them to pick up and process the cc info. I can also mail the card to the recipient if they want. Just gather that info as well.

There needs to be a 15 minute break between appointments. If you need the time message :
If you cannot answer a question send me a message,

Denise, Eryn, Charlene and Annette are registered and can do direct billing

Brette is registered but just graduated so her direct billing wont be available for a couple of weeks so clients have to pay and submit themselves for now

Sydney is a student, graduating in another year so she is only available for student massage, non insurance reimbursable therefore 1 hr is 50$, and 1.5 hr is 65$

Denise is the only one that does all the esthetics but Eryn can do pedicures as well

Tattoing is booked by denise only however you can book a consult for it (required)


*G.S.T is included in our price list
*We require a FULL 24 hrs notice for cancellations or A FLAT CHARGE OF $25.00 WILL APPLY. Chronic missed appointments will be charged for the full service.
(Cancellations for a Monday on the previous Friday will need to be cancelled via phone at: 780-995-8532)
*Cancellations for permanent makeup require FULL 48hrs or 1/2 of the booked service will be charged!!
*Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment. If you are a new client, arrive10 minutes prior to allow enough time to fill out a confidential health history form.
*Upon arrival, please use the entrance off the driveway, you DO NOT need to ring the doorbell, please just come on in and make yourself at home!
*We are an environmentally friendly clinic. All natural products are used to clean and launder. We are avid recyclers,  and we use all natural, organic products for 90% of our treatments.—Wholistic-Services.html for descriptions of
massages available and pricing for pricing and information on services available pricing and service descriptions pricing and service descriptions pricing and services—Holistic-Nutrition.html pricing and services

Do direct bill but only certain girls are able to bill through all companies, will add the information shortly

Monday to Thursday open from 9 am – 9 pm
Friday 9 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday 10 am – 4 pm
Sundays’ some weeks