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Seke Styling Salon 6155 Park Square Dr Suite 9 Lorrain, OH, 44053 Phone Number: 4444535334

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Located between Oak Pointe Rd and Buck Horn Blvd/Park Square Office Building second floor across the street from Target If is a new client then we need a cell number/provider if no cell, we will need email address to send reminders to them SEKE STYLING SALON (is pronounced C.K) NO WALK INS APPOINTMENTS ONLY !!!!!!

Vanessa is running a special from Sept 5 to Oct 31st under Wash-N-Go Natural Curly Girl Special. This is 35% off for the special. All Curl Types welcome, your hair will be trimmed, shaped and moisturized and Styled  You will receive 10% off your favorite Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly hair products  in the salon only! No online orders will receive the 10% off.

LOCATION AND CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING POLICY IS TO BE GIVEN TO ALL APPOINTMENTS MADE. 12 hour cancellation is required for all cancellation or rescheduling of appointments , will be charged at the discretion of the management if not given the appropriate notice Minimum Charge is 15.00 If customer calls and can’t get in send a message to Vanessa as the door lock at 5 PM A SHAMPOO AND STYLE  INVOLVES A SHAMPOO/BLOW DRY OR FLAT .YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ADD ANOTHER APPOINTMENT TIME  FOR FLATIRON  DOES NOT DO EXTENSIONS WITH BEADS AND CANNOT TIGHTEN THEM EITHER. I do strand by strand (fusion-bonds melted) technique, tapes, micro links strand by strand and micro links Wefts (sewing) technique.That’s why they need a consult to see all the options. Just NO braiding nor dreads of any kind… Vanessa is the only one now in the salon, SHE DOES NOT HANDLE  TRESSA COLOR LINE PRODUCTS, She does not take on apprentices or internships , or she does not do wedding hair, She does not do  braiding or weave extensions   or cornrows or eyebrow threading, if not on the drop downs she doesnt’ do the service .  VANESSA NOW WILL BE DOING PERMANENT STRAIGHTENING  LISTED UNDER VE KOREAN  THE PRICE WILL BE 300.00 VERY SIMILIAR TO JAPANESE STRAIGHTENING  They do not donate hair for love locks or other organizations !!!!!!!!! They do not do out of Salon visits ie: hospital visits for styling There is no Spanish speaking stylist Vanessa does not sell any products as there as they are sold at local stores like: Ulta and some others. For Hair Extensions a consultation needs to be done first by Vanessa only, but once the hair is in it they  **** DOES NOT DO EYELASH EXTENSIONS AT ALL ********************* When making appointments for Keratin, make sure you say Brazilian Keratin DO NOT REFER TO AS BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT they were sued . Vanessa does the consultation first . Strand by strand fusion(Hot) .  So, need consultation to determine pricing, color, length and how much to order. The initial consultation needs to be booked with Vanessa  . If any calls come in from Yodel, they are solicitation calls and ask for them to remove the number from their calling list VANESSA DOES DO EXTENSIONS BUT ONLY IF THE HAIR IS BOUGHT THROUGH HER. THEY CANNOT BRING IN THEIR OWN HAIR It is strand by strand fusion only !!!!!!! They do all types of hair, ethnic etc. Never quote a price for any hair services, always state this is the starting price and depends on your hair length, condition and thickness, as your stylist before the procedure for the pricing after she or he sees your hair. Always say the starting price is? The stylist can assess your hair and give you a price before beginning processes Use the waiting list and offer it to the client if they need a specific time and any cancellations, the staff will be in touch with them. Hours : Monday Wed and Thursdays only.