Ray Car -

RayCar International Inc.

1025 Amber Rd.

Orlando Florida  32807

Phone # 4073507452


email: raycarautosales@gmail.com

1025 Amber Road, Orlando FL 32807 (Next to Home Depot & PET SMART) Just 1 block East from corner of Semoran Blvd. (sr 436) and Colonial (Hwy 50)

Used car sales and Services.  Family Owned business for over 30 yrs. Proud of  our customer reviews and ratings.


Thank you for calling RayCar, how can I help you?

Ask which are they are calling about? Would you like to make an appointment?

Goal is primarily to findout purpose of call. 85% it will be for sales 15% for service or asking about license plate. 
For sales; 1-Identify year and model of car they are calling on. Just their 1st name not last name, best phone number to call back and  Email address , and someone will call them back during SALES HOURS which VERY IMPORTANT everyone  KNOWS   12:30 TO 5:30 closed Tuesdays due to auction and Sundays SO NO CONFUSION PLEASE OR expectations. 
Mon Wed Thurs Fri and Sat  12:30-5:30 pm