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Kinex Media Inc

25 Watline Suite 503
Mississauga,Ontario L4Z 2Z1

2nd Location is:
Toronto Downtown (250 University Ave, Suite 200)  inside the Bank of Canada Building

Phone Number; 416-907-4030

Fax Number: 905-501-0648    Email:

Web Site:


It would be best not to mention that your agency is an outside agent unless client ask specifically. THIS IS A MESSAGE ONLY COMPANY: EACH CALL WE NEED TO OBTAIN THE FIRST/LAST NAMES, COMPANY NAME, CONTACT PHONE NUMBER, AND WHAT THEY ARE INQUIRING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for calling Kinex Media, My name is  ______ how may I help you?  After you get the name and cell phone number and what they want noted, let the customer know that a Business Consultant will be in touch with them as soon as they can.


Kinex Media is a full service digital agency offering website design, development and
online marketing, e commerce, magenta etc. Majority of the calls will be new clients calling in to inquire
about our services. We need to make sure each call is answered promptly in a professional manner. We need to inform callers that someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Total Team Size :  38 members which include designers, developers, marketers and project managers
Sales Team
  • Amir ( I take majority of the calls and depending on type of the call I pass the leads on)
  • Karan
  • Question: Can I speak to someone in sales? Answer: Of course, I can take your information and have one of our associates call you back.
  • Question: When can I expect to receive a call back ?Answer: I would contact our sales team right away and they’d contact you as soon as possible. Usually within an hour
  • Question: Can I speak to someone right now or can you transfer me to someone right now Answer: I am sorry but I don’t have any one available right now to take the call. I will make sure someone calls you back right away.
  • Question: Where are you located Answer: We have two locations. Toronto and Mississauga. Mississauga is the head office
  • Question: What service do you offer Answer: We are a full service agency offering website design, development, e-commerce and online marketing.
  • Question:: How much do you chargeAnswer: I am in customer service and don’t have that information. Our sales team can provide you rates after understanding your requirements. I can have one of our associates call you back right away.
Please make sure to use these responses and let me know if you have any other common questions that you get on regular basis. I would  happily provide responses for those as well.
Hours of Operation:

Mon-Friday 10 am -6 pm