Dr James Wire's Office -

James Wire MD 1107 Hazeltine Blvd Suite 500 Chaska, Minnesota( 2 hrs behind us)

Phone Number : (952) 442-3900    Fax Number is : (952) 442-3901

Web Site: jameswiremd.com Email address: info@jameswiremd.com


Thank you for calling Dr. James Wire’s office, my name is  ______ How can I help you today ?


Full name  good contact phone number, and who and what they may be inquiring about, when they are available, and how they heard about us. 

If they do not know what they want direct them to the website: http://www.jamespwiremd.com/

If they insist on talking to James give them his cell 763-232-1491.

Staff List: Dr. James Wire , Terri Larson Manager and Patient Coordinator ,Kayla Bigley Medical Assistant Jill Goris,  RN Nurse Injector , Brittany Wenzell  Esthetician , Brooke McMahon Surgical Assistant