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Adica Massage 152 King St Fredericton, NB, E3B3C9 Phone Number  5064551050 Fax (866) 505-9169 Booking Site: UserID Password: Basetend556 Map Location::,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.77880786,d.cWc&biw=1607&bih=732&    Directly across from Home Hardware   1/2 way down the block from Irving on other side of the st.

PLEASE ASK THE CUSTOMER IF IT’S FOR ADICA FREDERICTON OR THE SAINT JOHN LOCATION. IF THEY MENTION LEAH WILLISTON ROSS USE THE SAINT JOHN CALENDAR:   Basetend221  (Leah ) If looking for  the esthetician’s they are at the Saint John location  give them : Virgina    5066511915      or Wendy’s is  5066403214 New customers give them Wendy’s phone number please  We also have Kayla Crawley in Saint John her # is  5069772557 Give Estheticians # out as they do their own bookings .

We do not go off site for massages, they must come in to the clinic


Thank you for calling Adica Massage, my name is  ______ how may I help you ? 

ALL OF THE GIRLS CAN DO A PREGNACY MASSAGE. !!!!!!! IF THEY CALL LOOKING FOR AN INFANT MASSAGE , ONLY ERICA IS CERTIFIED TO DO THESE !!!!!!!! Pregnancy Customers. The massage is done on their side with a pillow between their legs is more comfortable for the mom and less strain on the back

Couples appointments need 2 therapists available at the same time if cancelling a couples please cancel both parties at the same time as the call **- Couples Massages require 2 massage therapist, and note whether same room or separate rooms in notes **

DIRECT BILLING AND OUT OF PROVINCE – DIRECT INSURANCE BILLINGS THROUGH MOST INSURANCE COMPANIES, (advised customer to call their provider and see if they need a prescription for their plan before coming in for appointment ). Phone numbers are usually located on the back of their cards . Sunlife can be direct billed unless they are through the Federal Government then need to pay upfront. DIRECT BILLING CAN BE DONE FOR: Chambers of Commerce; Cowan: Dejardins; Great-West Life; Industrial Alliance; Johnson; Manulife; Maximum Benefit or Johnson Group; Standard Life; Sun Life, Blue Cross

WE DONT ACCEPT BLUESHIELD FOR DIRECT BILLING -Out of Town usually pay upfront then submit their claims to their offices. Out of provinces claims are not usually DIRECT BILLED

If anyone calls and wants a french speaking RMT  Jessica is the only one that can speak french .

If calling from Hotels in the area:Directions to 152 King St from  :  Crowne Plaza 659 Queen Street walk down Queen street to Northhumberland Street 1.2 Km about 15 mins turn up North Humberland to King and then right on King ½ way down the block , Irving on corner and we are down ½ a block on the other side of the street. 2. Delta Fredericton to Adica is about a 12 minute walk follow Woodstock road till it turns on to  King street, walk down to Smythe street and ¼ block away from Smythe Street Restaurants close to  152 King St.: McGinnis Landing Restaurant just down by Westmorland Street, Mexicali Rosas and Dolan’s Pub and Restaurant , Dimitri’s Souvlaki All located on King Street just blocks away from Adica Massage. Clients only need to come 10 mins prior to appointment for new clients to fill out the medical questionnaire . Nicole Blunston does cupping and ART massages as well as the rest, Michelle McPhee when comes back also does cupping , book as a Therapeutic and add a note they want the cupping or ART Does not accept American Express Cards for payment , only accept Visa , Mastercard, Debit , cash Mon to Thurs 12-8 pm  Fri/Sat 10-5 pm